Is Your Real Estate Blogging Simply Hyping the Local Real Estate Market?

Many Real Estate Agents are trying to put a positive spin on their local sagging market, and make blog posts that take the most extreme optimistic point of view? Is this good, bad or evil? Well, for your area, taking up things is generally good for the local economy. After all, Economic Development Associations are 50% PR firms in reality.

With that said and a known fact, whether you choose to see it or not, I have a question to ask. If you are hyping up your market and leaving out important information or systematically and strategically only providing the positive and skipping the rest; Is that Honest?

In asking this question, I would like you to consider something if there is local crime information that is pretty damaging to the town or city’s image do you leave it out? When you talk about the real estate market are you stating that the market is turning around now? Its not you know, so that is a falsehood. If you are doing this on your blog in order to get folks to contact you or to develop leads it is in a way false and misleading and thus, borderline unethical in nature.

So, perhaps we need to ask the real estate community how they are justifying this and how do they prevent themselves from crossing the line, where does one draw that line? Is your Real Estate Blogging simply Hyping the Local Real Estate Market? If so, do you believe this is a good or bad thing for the consumer, industry and local markets? Think on this.

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